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NDC-IAME Introduction

            NDC-IAME is the first and only AME institute in Gujarat Approved by DGCA (Ministry of Civil Aviation), Govt. of India under the Mechanical and Avionics stream. Mechanical stream includes Airframe (Aircraft Body, Fuselage and its internal systems), Engine (Piston Engine, Jet Engines). Avionics stream include all the Instruments, Radio Navigation, Radar system used in various aircraft and Electrical System. All workshops including (Airframe, Engine, Electrical, Instrument, Radio, Machine shop are well equipped with all basic learning & training facilities to cope with the knowledge of modern aviation. NDC-IAME is the perfect blend of learning and training facilities for modern aviation era. NDC-IAME Institute is highly committed and responsible for quality and dynamic young leadership in the field of management and social awareness.


Commitment towards highly dedicated aviation training to cope with the modern aviation industry specially in aircraft maintenance and certification.NDC-IAME has its own aircrafts including Learjet-23, Cessna-150 & Power Glider; hence students can get all knowledge and basic familiarization of aircraft system as per the syllabus and guide prescribed by Director General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Aviation, Govt. of India. Students get high-tech audio-visible classes, workshop, engine airframe system workshop and electrical/ Instrument/ Radio Navigation workshop. All the faculty members are highly experienced and giving their full knowledge and experience to the students without any discrimination. College classes and basic infra- structure are well equipped as per modern lecture rooms.NDC-IAME provides basic work bench and tool to every student to deal with coming aviation industry demands with full satisfaction and confidence. Our alumni are well placed in various organizations in India and abroad – Fly Docs India, STUDEC, Emirates Airlines, Jet Airways, Spice jet......

A stage waiting for you to learn and perform.............


Our aim is to create a sustainable future for aviation world by providing highly trained and skilled person to cope up with the growing aviation industry demands in aircraft maintenance and certification.NDC-IAME is the right stage to learn & grow to explore the various possibilities in the growing aviation industry in India and abroad. Creating right & skilled person for the right / matched job as per the aviation standard and skill is our dedication and commitment.


India’s civil aviation industry is on a high-growth trajectory. India aims to become the third-largest aviation market by 2020 and the largest by 2030.

The Civil Aviation industry has ushered in a new era of expansion, driven by factors such as low-cost carriers (LCCs), modern airports, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in domestic airlines, advanced information technology (IT) interventions and growing emphasis on regional connectivity. India is the ninth-largest civil aviation market in the world, with a market size of around US$ 16 billion. India is expected to become the third largest aviation market by 2020#.

“The world is focused on Indian aviation – from manufacturers, tourism boards, airlines and global businesses to individual travellers, shippers and businessmen. If we can find common purpose among all stakeholders in Indian aviation, a bright future is at hand” said Mr. Tony Tyler, Director General and CEO, International Air Transport Association (IATA).

India is among the five fastest-growing aviation markets globally with 275 million new passengers. The airlines operating in India are projected to record a collective operating profit of Rs 8,100 crore (US$ 1.29 billion) in fiscal year 2016, according to Crisil Ltd.

To cope with this growing aviation sector lot of trained and skilled workforce is required, especially in aircraft maintenance and certification handling.
NDC-IAME is the right place to learn and explore the modern upcoming demand in aeronautical engineering, equipped with all basic infrastructures to learn and get trained.

Aircraft maintenance (AME) is a person licensed to ensure the airworthiness of aircraft accordance with local and international aviation standards.
Aircraft maintenance engineers maintain and repair aircraft frames and mechanical parts, while specialists called avionics technicians handle the electronics. They use instruments to measure wear and test controls, replace defective components with hand tools, inspect their work to be sure it meets established standards and keep records of all actions. Their jobs may be stressful because they have limited time to complete their tasks before the aircraft continues with travel schedules. They can specialize in particular vehicles such as helicopters or jets, or focus on systems such as the engine.
This course (AME) is approved by Ministry of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Govt of India.
NDC-IAME is the only AME institute in Gujarat with all basic infrastructures to cope with aviation training and learning demands.