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“Dreams are like Stars.... You may never touch them, But if you follow them, they will lead you to your Destiny”

Dear students, on the behalf of the Institute, I Welcome you all to the NDC Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, a place where we celebrate youth and excellence and work towards transforming them into a highly skilled and responsible Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. The Aviation Industry in India is growing at a rapid speed and is one of those sectors that saw a constant pace of growth among the other industries in the world. India has the 9th largest aviation market in the world of Avionics. This opens the door for many domestic and foreign airlines and raises a need of advanced aircraft maintenance engineers in the industry. This is perhaps the best time for the Indian youth to take advantage of this growing opportunity. We, at NDC Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, aim to provide – all round training to the students so that they acquire strong technical and non - technical skill and knowledge. And to accomplish this goal, we have highly experienced and qualified faculties and also impart practical training for student’s better knowledge and understanding. For this, the institute owns 3 live aircrafts namely Learjet, CESSNA and Micro Glider. We are proud to admit that many of our alumni are now holding enviable positions in the renowned Aviation industries. With this note of confidence, I warmly welcome you all to the world of Aviation and I hope that you all will cherish the high quality of training and education related to AME in NDC IAME. Wishing you a great career in Aviation!!

Wishing you a great career in Aviation!!

Thanks & Regards,

Pranay Chokshi


NDC Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Vadodara, India.

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