About this course (AME Category B1.1)

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course gives access to real time aircraft experience. It is a balanced practical and theory-based course for the AME license from the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Government of India, for maintaining airplanes. Making the modern aircraft airworthy cannot be made possible but for the technical skill and hard work of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. They are primarily responsible for keeping the aircraft in airworthy and also issue the certificate of airworthiness before the flight. Essential systems like airframe, engine, instruments, radio and navigation equipment etc., are also being certified by Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. They work for airlines, maintenance divisions of aero- engine manufactures and approved aircraft maintenance organizations.

Course Curriculum

The Entire course curriculum of 2400 hours is divided into six semesters/phases. Each semester/phase includes balanced theoretical & practical training program covering detailed syllabus given in CAR 66. Course duration is three yeras. In-house practical will be conducted at our premises in vadodara. Total 300 Hours of the practical training will be conducted by our training partner i.e. Air India Engineering Service Ltd at their own facility at Mumbai Airport. This 300 hours of field training will be divided in to two sessions. The first session will be included in Semester/Phase- V training and second session field training will be part of the Semester/Phase- VI training.

Semester/Phase wise detailed curriculum is as follow,

B1.1 Course curriculum for batches to be inducted from 2021 onward

Semester- I Semester- II Semester- III Semester- IV Semester- V Semester- VI
Module- 3 Part:I
Module- 3 Part:II
Module- 4
Module- 5 Part:I
Module- 5 Part:II
Module-11A Part:III
Module- 7A Part:I
Module- 6 Part:I
Module- 6 Part:II
Module- 6 Part:III
Module- 11A Part:II
Module-15 Part:III
Module- 8
Module- 7A Part:II
Module- 7A Part:III
Module- 11A Part:I
Module- 15 Part:II
Module- 10 Part:I
Module- 10 Part:II
Module- 9
Module- 15 Part:I
AIESL Training
AIESL Training
Module-3 (Electrical Fundamentals) Syllabus
Module-4 (Electronics Fundamentals) Syllabus
Module-5 (Digital Techniques/ Electronic Instrument Systems) Syllabus
Module-6 (Material & Hardware) Syllabus
Module-7A (Maintenance Practices) Syllabus
Module-8 (Basic Aerodynamics) Syllabus
Module-9 (Human Factor) Syllabus
Module-10 (Aviation Legislation) Syllabus
Module-11A (Turbine Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures And Systems) Syllabus
Module-15 (Gas Turbine Engine) Syllabus
Module-17A (Propeller) Syllabus

Eligibility Criteria for Admission of Students

i. Minimum Qualification

For CAR-147 (Basic) training course, the candidates shall have passed minimum 10+2 class with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry from a recognized board or university or its equivalent.

ii. Medical Fitness

The candidate must possess a medical fitness certificate issued by a doctor holding at least an MBBS degree.

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  • Selection Criteria:

    The institute will induct the students by conducting an Entrance Test i.e. NDCIAME AEROCET and through common entrance portal AMECET in order to select the suitable students for the admission in the Course. Either based on the marks scored in the entrance test and/ or the percentage obtained in qualifying examination, the merit list will be prepared for selecting the best students for the admission. Students may also apply to the institute campus dirctly for the admission which will be done on "First Come, First Served" basis.

    Eligibility Criteria for Admission of Foreign National Students:

    Policy of this institute extends permission of admission to any foreign student to undergo the course but only after obtaining the necessary security clearance duly obtained through DGCA and the required qualification is possessed by the candidate.


    Registration Fee: INR 20,000/- (One time only)

    Admission Fee: INR 1,15,000/- (INR 25000 + INR 90000)

    (INR 25000/- at the time of Addmision and INR 90000/- at the time of joinng)

    Books & Uniform: INR 10,000/-

    1st Semester Tuition fee : INR 70,000/-

    2nd Semester Tuition Fee: INR 70,000/-

    3rd Semester Tuition Fee: INR 70,000/-

    4th Semester Tuition Fee: INR 70,000/-

    5th Semester Tuition Fee: INR 70,000/-

    6th Semester Tuition Fee: INR 70,000/-

    Grand Fee: INR 5,65,000/-

    Terms and Conditions

    1. Live Environment AMO Training fees is included in the above fee structure.

    2. Hostel & transportation charges are not included in this fee structure.


    Mode of Payment

    Fee may be paid in Cash, By Cheque/DD/NEFT

    Account Name: NDC Institute of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

    Bank Name: Kotak Mahindra Bank

    Account Number: 9811930148

    IFSC: KKBK0002749