Lab & Shop

The Institute has very well equipped workshops and lab facilities and students are encouraged to acquire application skills and practically verify the knowledge acquired in the classroom. Labs and workshops are amongst the best equipped in the country. The basic training workshops and/or maintenance facilities separate from training classrooms are well designed for practical instruction appropriate to the planned training course. Workshop arrangements, laboratory layout and equipment installation are so designed as to totally facilitate the training process. Adequate electric supplies, compress air and other such facilities are provided as necessary.

Consistent with the requirements stated in CAR 147 (Basic), following workshops are available to impart Practical Training to the students:

a). Basic Metal Workshop
b). Machine Shop
c). Welding Shop
d). Sheet Metal Shop
e). Engine Shop (Piston & Jet engine)
f). Electrical Shop
g). Instrument Shop
h). Electronics and Radio Navigation Shop
i). Composite material Lab
j). NDT Lab
k). Battery Labs
i. Lead-Acid Battery
ii. Ni-Cad Battery